Welcome to our Youth Ministry!

A safe, loving, and fun environment for your children to experience Jesus, get to know the Bible, and build wholesome friendships.

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CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE (6 months - Middle School) 
Get your child(ren)s name stickers at the check-in kiosk, then drop your child(ren) at the appropriate class. 
Check-out at the same kiosk using the QR code on your smart phone or by showing your sticker.

PRIOR to Entering Classes:
1) Use the RESTROOM
2) Bring a labeled WATER-bottle
3)Be ready for FUN!
*Snacks are provided

*Youth will wear masks at the parent/guardian's discretion

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Upcoming Events:
May 8 (Sun) @ 10a: Mother's Day Service
Brought to you by: SCC Teens Ministry
May 15 (Sun) @ 12p: "Messy" Parenting Devotional
Lead by: Mike & Linda Yochum
May 21 (Sat) @ 4p: Lithos Crew "Messy" Devotional
Lead by: Garrett & Sarah Trotter
July 6 (Wed) @ 4p: Lithos Crew Lake Day
For details CLICK CONTACT US under Garrett & Sarah Trotter's picture
COVID-19 Protocols & Masking Requirements:
Before and after classes all surfaces are cleaned. Hand sanitizer is readily available.
As we navigate the changing local & state health guidelines, we urge you to be considerate of those around you.
Adults serving in Kingdom Kids classes will be REQUIRED to wear a mask while serving.

Our Ministries

Kingdom Kids

Lead by: Bryce & Kimberly Biggerstaff
Nursery/Toddler Class: 6 months - 3 years
*This room is located just down the stairs from the elementary class

Kingdom Kids: Pre-k/K - Elementary (4th/5th) 
*This room is located adjacent to the kitchen

Middle School

Lead by: Garrett & Sarah Trotter
This ministry are those kids exiting 5th grade through exiting 8th grade
They claim the name Lithos Crew after Ephesians 2:19-22 which references Jesus as the "Cornerstone" or in Greek, lithos, and crew because together, following and modeling after Jesus, they can have a great impact on each other, their peers, and community.

High School

Lead by: Jason & Kelli Reinhardt
Our Teen Ministry is for high school aged youth.
They will worship with the adults in Sunday Service and separately on 5th Sundays (May & October 2022). 
We will communicate opportunities to meet together outside Sundays on a regular basis.
We hope to facilitate mentorship, meaningful relationships, preparation for entering young adulthood, and seeing the joy in choosing to surrender their lives to Christ. We know they are our future and are capable of making positive changes amongst each other, their communities, and the world.