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We are glad you would like to join a group!
As a church we value deep connection with one another. In order to foster these connections, we meet regularly in Family Groups made up of four large regions (North Spokane, West Spokane, Spokane Valley-South Spokane and our East region are the near boarding cities in Idaho. All are welcome.

Why do we do Family Groups?
Family Groups help us connect Christians and friends into a loving community environment where the Bible is shared, prayer is for each other, and people can enjoy an atmosphere where we can be real, honest and open with our lives. Our Family Groups are inspired by the model of the early Christians found in scripture when they met with one another in their homes. Also, the Word of God is full of "one another" scriptures which serve as a model for our groups to participate in biblical fellowship and one another relationships.

Check Out Our Specialty Ministries

Campus Ministry

After students move on to higher education, life changes rapidly. Our campus ministry is there to create a tightly-knit family that is committed to loving Jesus and spending time together. We meet during the week for Bible discussions, prayer, food and fellowship. Our ministry is primarily focused on the Eastern Washington University campus, and we hope to reach more local campuses in the future!

Young Adults Ministry

We are a  group of young adults who are seeking to love God and share that love with others in our life. Whether you're a  professional, parent, have just graduated from college, we welcomed you!   We have events, devotionals and random times together for deep fellowship. 

High School Ministry

Our high school ministry seeks to engage students in their relationship with God by providing them with opportunities to learn, grow and connect with one another. 

Barnabas Project

We are a group of people whose passion is to encourage others. From Father's Day gifts to cards with kind words, we seek to make sure that all people in our congregation feel loved and cared for.